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Testimonials & References

Standing ovations for Lee Ann Szelog

“A genuine ability to connect with audiences, refreshing, thought-provoking and meaningful messages, and a high standard of professionalism are just a few of the qualities that earned Lee rave reviews at our international conference. I especially value her high standards and exceptional communication skills, which makes working with her such a breeze.”   Ashley DiBlasi, Assistant Director of Professional Development, International Institute for Municipal Clerks

“The series of workshops Lee presented to our leadership team over a 14 month period were all exceptional and exceeded my expectations. Just when I thought she couldn’t raise the bar any higher, she concluded the series in an amazing manner. She delivered perfection, ensuring her message was exactly what we were looking for. The messages and activities really brought our group together and we had so much fun.” Stephanie Wagg, Assistant VP., Administration, Bath Savings Institution

“I am one of the 200 clerks that attended the NEACTC Conference and had the pleasure of hearing you speak. As you know by our standing ovation, you had an impact on us. I am thankful for going to that conference and hearing you speak. Your story is helping me see things in a different light than I may have, or at least sooner than I may have. Thank you for touching my life.” Nanette Rogers, audience participant

“Continuous improvement comes from lifelong learning, regardless of the depth of our education and experience. When Lee learned that I was a retired Brigadier General, she wondered why I would register for one of her classes. I told her that I am always striving to ‘sharpen my saw.’ Lee didn’t disappoint – she helped me realize the opportunities I had to improve my skills. I have had the pleasure of attending several classes with Lee in small and large groups. She has a gift of connecting with people intellectually, which gets them to think, and emotionally that gets them to act, resulting in changed behavior.”     Robert Carmichael, SVP – HR and Training, Maine Savings FCU:  Brigadier General, Retired, Maine Army National Guard

” You have an impact on people – a beautiful gift.” Sue Clements-Dallaire, audience participant

“I have never been so inspired and motivated by anyone or anything as I have the messages and lessons that you presented. I have been actively sharing my experience with my friends, family, and coworkers. The concepts you taught have all had a profound effect on me and you have inspired me to work harder at it than I ever have. Thank you for being an inspiration to me.” Chase Smith, class participant

“Lee’s presentation to the New England City Clerks Association was dynamic, energetic and fun. She was able to engage the audience immediately and kept our interest and strong participation for the three hour session; no small task in a large room of almost 200 people. Attendees commented the session was one of the best they have heard in several years and felt they are able to connect with Lee personally. They were impressed with how very personable Lee was and her warmth and sincerity shone through immediately. It was a real pleasure hearing Lee’s presentation, and it most definitely was a conference highlight.” Kathy Montejo, Lewiston City Clerk

“Captivating an audience after a long day of work and a robust dinner is one of the greatest challenges for a speaker. Lee not only captivated my audience in a spirited manner, but she also provided valuable and practical tools and left the audience wanting more. Lee’s energy is felt off-stage as well; she exudes professionalism in preparation and plan-ning, ensuring the accuracy of every last detail. She makes my job easier and charms my audiences.” Tanya Kolonoski, Executive Director, Center for Financial Training & Education Alliance

“You inspire me to be a better leader!” Nancy Alling, audience participant

“This thank you is long overdue. I attended a conference a couple of years ago and you were one of the speakers – one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. I made notes from that session and posted these on a Monday reminder that pops up to start my week. It helps to remind me to set my mind right at the beginning of the work week. Thank you for helping me.” Kim Garvis, audience participant

“Thank you for opening our eyes and looking from within!” Jennifer Soper, audience participant

“This leadership class was very inspirational and the material was truly based on my responsibilities, allowing me to apply the skills immediately, easily and effectively.” Jennifer Carmichael, class participant

“THANK YOU Lee for the BEST class I have ever taken!!!!!!! You have made a strong impact on me and my choices going further in my life! You are incredibly powerful and have done more for me than you could possibly know. You truly have a gift Lee! You have inspired me and helped me believe in myself.” Vicki Winnie, workshop participant

“The class that Lee Ann facilitated was extremely beneficial. She made a difference in not only my day-to-day life, but also in the way I will supervise others in the future. Thank you for doing what you do so well and for making it so fun!” Janel Danforth, class participant

“It only takes doing one thing differently to make a change; Lee gently encourages people to step out of their comfort zones to make a change and make a difference! By doing so, she makes a difference to so many. Her style and techniques are very refreshing in this day and age, and her messages are ones that help everyone grow and experience life, at work and at home, in a more meaningful manner.” Jennifer L. McWain, audience participant

“I’m a totally different person after taking this program.” Ananya Chatterjee, audience participant

“I can’t believe that’s the same little girl who used to hide behind me and suck her thumb.” Anna Guesman, Lee’s Mom

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