Nurturing Growth From Within

Why Lee?

Your audience will enjoy a memorable and engaging experience, and obtain practical skills to reach higher levels of success and happiness.

Clients hire Lee when they hope to inspire their audience with an uplifting presentation delivered by a Maine motivational speaker with a unique background. Lee is known throughout the country for her signature approach to motivational speaking, which combines her passion for nature with her commitment to helping participants learn how to live more fully, enhance their natural potential, and interact in more meaningful ways. Lee helps individuals and groups discover how connecting with nature can place them on a new path toward increased success and happiness.

Experience Motivational Presentations Designed to Nurture Growth
In her decades of experience speaking to audiences across the country, Lee has demonstrated a natural skill for artistically expressing themes that inspire people to take steps toward personal growth, success, and fulfillment. Lee’s motivational speeches and business leadership workshops are known for promoting proactivity, positive behavioral changes, and emotional growth. Lee’s inspiring messages have uplifted thousands!

Discover How a Connection with Nature Can Support Emotional Wellness!
Lee’s insight stems from many of her own life experiences, including years of living in a lighthouse on the Maine Coast and a log cabin in the Maine woods. Lee’s unique life of immersion in Maine’s captivating wilderness has allowed her to observe and learn from nature, providing her with countless examples of nature’s ability to awaken imagination and foster emotional wellness. Lee shares these lessons in her keynote speeches, presentations, and workshops.

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Motivational Speaker, award-winning author, wildlife photographer and former lighthouse keeper, Lee Szelog incorporates her decades of unique personal experiences with tried and tested leadership techniques to help clients and participants rise above personal and professional challenges. Lee provides participants with the tools to view their lives from a different perspective, helping them learn to live life rather than react to it!

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I am flattered with all the kind sentiments that so many audience members share with me, indicating they were engaged in an intimate and visual manner, which created memorable learning moments and lasting impressions for them. For over 11 years companies and organizations have hired me because I have the ability to emotionally connect with people through my words and professional photographs that vividly reinforce the important points, skills and tools I impart, and most importantly moves audience members to action, which helps change behavior.


– Lee Ann Szelog, Professional Speaker