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As efficient as digital tools are, it is the human spirit that fulfills the emotional connection that inspires, connects and makes us feel valued. Lee Ann Szelog

Captivating Keynote Speaker Lee Szelog Has Redefined Motivational Speaking…      With a signature combination of powerful stories, lessons, and images, Keynote Speaker Lee Szelog’s speeches and workshops captivate and inspire listeners, making a lasting and often life changing impact. Crafted for modern, busy, real-world listeners, Lee’s practical yet eye-opening presentations give participants a fresh perspective, a change of pace, and a veritable toolkit of skills and techniques for a more fulfilling life.

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Dynamic Workshops Promote Real & Lasting Workplace Changes                                  Lee’s moving personal and professional experiences flow seamlessly into each workshop, providing participant groups with real life insight they can easily apply to their own professional circumstances and challenges. Lee’s genuine, human-centered approach to workplace topics creates a comfortable and dynamic space for business teams to reconnect, communicate more effectively, and adopt new skills to carry with them long after the workshop has ended.

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Relatable & Meaningful Lessons Have a Transformative Impact on Participants      These are not the motivational speeches of yesteryear! In fact, Lee’s keynotes and workshops transcend expectations by promoting deep thinking, personal epiphanies, and a ripple effect of new life choices and refreshed perspectives. Lee’s skill for weaving strong images, honest experiences, and compelling messages resonates both intellectually and emotionally with listeners, fostering real change.

Learn Practical Tools for Navigating Complex Challenges                                          With each presentation, Keynote Speaker Lee Szelog aims to provide:

  • Easy-to-implement methods and strategies for workplace synergy
  • Techniques for overcoming personal and professional challenges
  • Skills for living a more purposeful, intentional, and fulfilling life
  • Inspiration to change, grow, and create sustainable new habits