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As efficient as digital tools are, it is the human spirit that fulfills the emotional connection that inspires, connects and makes us feel valued. Lee Ann Szelog

Keynote and Workshop Presentation Topics

  • Work Like a Dog-Lessons to get your tail waggin! Learn more
  • The Difference You Make
  • Are You Ready? (All about attitude)
  • Manage Your Time – Manage Your Life
  • Dreams Do Come True
  • Stress Relief by Nature
  • Selfies of Advocacy
  • Learn more

Comprehensive Proprietary Programs suitable for businesses and organizations of all sizes:


Simply Maine™

  • Presentations showcasing the natural and simplistic beauty of Maine – Learn more

Simply put…….

The dawn of each new day provides opportunities to make thoughtful choices, communicate more purposefully and enhance relationships, thereby enhancing our ability to live life rather than react to it. With technology overwhelming our senses, the human spirit is more important than ever to enhance relationships, attitude, productivity, teamwork, and more! Technology and information may drive the pace of today’s world, but people create the emotional bonds that create lasting relationships, personally and professionally.

I strive to move audiences to focus and implement practical skills to help them reach higher levels of success and happiness, personally and professionally. As evident by the responses I receive, participants connect emotionally through my words, and professional photographs that vividly reinforce the important points, skills and tools I impart. The result is the audience is engaged in an intimate and visual manner, creating memorable learning moments, lasting impressions and an inspirational, artistic experience that helps change behavior.

Just for fun will you please participate in this easy 10-second exercise? Please fold your arms across your chest. Now change your arms – whichever arm is on top, reverse it, so the other arm is on top. Now, please clasp your hands in front of you. Whichever thumb is on top, change it, so the other thumb is on top. In both of these situations, how did it feel to change your arms or thumbs? Probably uncomfortable, awkward, or weird. In order to continually improve in any area of life, personally or professionally, it requires change, which can be uncomfortable and therefore difficult. Why? I will answer this question and more as a speaker for your upcoming event.

I am flattered with all the kind sentiments that many audience members share with me, a few of which are listed on the testimonials page. My greatest satisfaction comes from knowing participants are trying the techniques that I share, and finding success with using them.

Thank you for your kind consideration with allowing me to support your endeavors,

Lee Ann Szelog