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Simply MaineTM

Showcasing the natural and simplistic beauty from the Maine Coast to the Maine Woods

From living in a lighthouse on the Maine coast to a log cabin in the Maine woods, Lee Ann and Thomas Mark Szelog have documented life, human and wild, in 2 quintessential Maine homes and beyond. They share extraordinary photographs and stories of Maine’s lighthouses, nature and wildlife to entertain, inspire and introduce audiences to Maine’s simple and remarkable beauty. Learn more

Maine provides an extraordinary amount of calm from its simple beauty. Taking time to embrace the quiet of life’s most simple, yet grand pleasures can be challenging in this day and age. Lee offers a series of photographs and inspirational messages as notecards titled, Simply Maine™.  These notecards can be ordered individually, or make the perfect attendee gift to complement any event at which Lee speaks.
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Lee and Tom’s documentation of living in a lighthouse and a log cabin has resulted in the publication of 2 books. The first, the multi-award-winning book, Our Point of View-Fourteen Years at a Maine Lighthouse, featuring Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine. The second, By a Maine River – A Year of Looking Closely, explores the natural beauty found in their own backyard in Whitefield, Maine.

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Published by Down East Books, chronicles the 14 years Lee & Tom resided at Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine. For anyone who imagines living in a century-old lightkeeper’s house on the coast of Maine, this book allows readers to experience what it’s like through Tom’s photographs and journals by them both.

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Published by Down East Books, is a year-long photographic journey discovering the soul and spirit of nature in the Szelog’s woodland backyard in Whitefield, Maine. This book helps reinforce the importance of protecting our environment by providing a glimpse into the natural beauty that is often overlooked, yet found throughout our landscape.

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