What people say about Lee

"Your session was the catalyst to the positive changes I made in my life. You had a major influence on my life, which has led to finding what makes me happy and living the life that I deserve!"
Leslie Brann

"The Art of Human Relations – A Recipe for Success" was truly an investment in my Company and employees, and I highly recommend it to any business who wants to have a competitive advantage with attracting, retaining and expanding customer relationships. My goal was to provide a learning opportunity for my staff to expand their professional competencies in the area of customer service. Much to my amazement, the results from this 6-week class were far reaching, both personally and professionally. At the conclusion, employees emotionally shared how they successfully improved communication and relationships - not only with customers and co-workers, but also with their spouses, children, and friends. I personally can attest to the value of the concepts, as I too, use them at work and at home with my family. Not only did we learn techniques and tools, but we learned how to apply them effectively and consistently. Having all my employees attend class together provided additional benefits I didn’t expect; we learned and grew in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration as we shared our experiences. It is evident that human relations skills are more important than ever in this "high tech" day and age. The enhanced customer service skills, teamwork, confidence and interpersonal relationships that were realized from this program will contribute to the ongoing success of my Company.  I not only highly endorse this program, but I also recommend Lee Ann Szelog, the co-author and facilitator of the course. Her unique style, expertise and passion for the subject matter made it meaningful and comprehensible for all of us."
Robert Wheeler

"Your sunny personality and quick smile made you an instant success with the DOL employees.  After one of your presentations a co-worker stated that you were the "best presenter we have ever had."  I was sad when we finished the last event because I knew I would miss your positive attitude.  Many of us still begin our day as you taught us, with a great big "Yippee" as a reminder about your enlightening story about your doggies, Moose and Bear."
Anne Harriman

"I recommend The Art of Human Relations to any company that wants to improve the attitude of the staff and the overall success of the business."  Germaine Waltz

"The Art of Human Relations class injected me and my coworkers with a wealth of information and confidence."
Denise Hopkins

"The Attitude workshop was the best presentation I’ve ever attended."
Carry Gosselin

"Your Innovation program was certainly one of the more interesting and engaging classes that I’ve attended in a long time. Lee Ann, you should pat yourself on the back; you make people want to be better."
Lynne Belanger

"Lee is one of those individuals who you will feel blessed to know. Those she teaches are not only quickly inspired to learn the material she presents, but at the end of the day, they are drawn to emulate the high work ethic and professionalism she so naturally holds as a back drop in all her presentations.  The enthusiasm she approaches life with is genuine and luckily for me, very contagious."
Karen G. Mahoney

"I know of no one (no one!) who displays a more consistent and contagious positive energy and attitude, and because of her passion, she "lights up the stage" in front of audiences of all kinds!"
Laurie Bouchard

"I don’t think I have ever listened to a presentation, and felt such emotions from one end of the spectrum to the other."
Diane Gallant-Marion

 "Lee Ann is upbeat and presents her topic with enthusiasm.  She puts her audience at ease and makes them part of her presentation." 
Vera Rand

"Lee gives an awesome presentation that can be applied to all aspects of one’s life!" 
Rebecca J. Curtis

"Lee’s program helped me realize the importance of a positive mental attitude and that success is measured by happiness."
Terry Gunzinger

"You made me reflect on what is important in my personal and professional life." 
Amanda Robinson

"I loved it!  Lee’s presentation really got me thinking about how I want my life to be and what I can do to make it a reality." 
Evelyn Clark

"Lee is a gifted, dedicated and creative instructor who is thoughtful in her material and connected with her audience through personal experience, analogy and subject knowledge. Lee is an inspiration through her constant thirst for learning, her courage to break the boundaries of doubt and her motivational empowerment."
Sherry Guarneri

About Lee Ann Szelog

A professional speaker and award-winning author, Lee Ann Szelog began her life as an extremely shy child. At the age of 7 she decided she wanted to overcome her fear of talking to people. Since then she challenged herself every day to speak up, write and conduct presentations and overcome her fears. Her persistence paid off; after enjoying a successful 28-year career as a marketing and training executive, Lee founded Simply Put, a limited liability company, specializing in presentations and programs to help people communicate more effectively and live life rather than react to it. As a successful speaker, training consultant and author, she shares her secrets to success by providing inspiration, information and action points in every class, workshop, keynote presentation and one-on-one coaching she conducts.

In 1987 Lee met her husband Tom when their mutual interest in lighthouses connected them. When they wed in 1989 they began their life together living in their dream home, a lighthouse on the Maine coast, which is documented in their multi-award-winning book, Our Point of View-Fourteen Years at a Maine Lighthouse, featuring Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, Maine where they resided for 14 years. Moving to their second dream home in 2002, a log cabin in the Maine woods, they created the book, By a Maine River – A Year of Looking Closely, which explores the natural beauty found in their own backyard in Whitefield, Maine and inspires people to consider wildlife conservation, beginning in their own backyards. Both books are published by Down East Books.

About Thomas Mark Szelog

(the photographer behind the images on this website):

“Tom opened my eyes to discover the true richness one can possess. This ability manifested itself, enriching our lives together by living and working collaboratively to enjoy life’s simple, yet complex and stunning pleasures. He taught me the world is full of natural wonders, just waiting to be discovered if we just slow down long enough to embrace them. I now embrace the beauty, tranquility and simplicity of each day, which stimulates my mind and soul and allows me to live and speak from my heart.” Lee Ann Szelog

Thomas Mark Szelog, has spent his entire life observing, writing and/or photographing wildlife. He has been a full-time professional photographer for 25 years, specializing in photographing wildlife, nature, and landscapes for the editorial, corporate and fine art markets. He has earned the reputation and is often described as “one of Maine’s most renowned wildlife photographers,” and is a recipient of the Philip Hyde Award, presented annually to a photographer who is working to preserve the condition of the natural environment through the art of photography. His life-long respect and admiration for wildlife guided him to his calling as a conservationist, using his gift as a photographer and visionary to help save what’s left of our natural world and its inhabitants in his own backyard of Maine.

Together, Tom and Lee Ann share the gifts of their words and photographs in narrated photography presentations and books to passionately educate and stimulate people to conserve, protect, honor and cherish wildlife. Their current and most ambitious and passionate project is the Maine Woods National Park Photo-Documentation Project, which they invite you to explore at www.mainewoodsnationalpark.com.

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