Nurturing Growth From Within

Make These Selfies Stick

According to Wikipedia, a selfie is “a self-portrait photograph, often shared through social media. They are usually flattering.”

Selfies are a great reminder of the purpose behind perfecting our human relations skills. Whether you are communicating through social media, in person, or via phone, email, or writing, in order for you to give a “flattering” impression you must have great self-awareness, self-respect, self-pride, self-care, and self-control.

Let’s look at each:

  • Self-awareness: Greater self-awareness allows you to objectively look in the mirror and recognize your strengths and opportunities for improvement. The strengths are easy; just keep doing them. When you are honest with yourself, and committed to continuous improvement, you will also see your opportunities. By focusing on the other selfies below you can enhance communication and relationships, thereby enhancing the power you have to make a positive difference with everyone you encounter, resulting in your ability to consistently make a flattering impression in all forms of              communication.
  • Self-pride and Self-respect: How do you want others to see you? What impressions do you want to give others? Do you have pride and respect in your work? Do you have pride and respect in yourself and all you do? By having a high degree of self-pride and self-respect, you will embrace your opportunities to change and strive to consistently maintain positive energy, be a productive team member, increase your contribution to the world, and be content with your life.  A simple question to ask to ensure you are taking great pride in all you do, resulting in self-respect is: Are you always behaving in a manner that you would want everyone to see…….Or do you behave differently when nobody is looking?
  • Self-care: You cannot maintain a hopeful outlook and leave people in a better place until you put yourself in a better place. Take care of yourself every day. We constantly hear that we need to rest, eat right, and exercise. This is sometimes much easier said than done. Resting, of course, means getting a good night’s sleep, but rest throughout the day as well. Give yourself 5 minutes of quiet time every day to calm the nerves. You will be amazed at how powerful 5 minutes can be to recharge your batteries. Having greater self-awareness about your self-care and doing little things throughout the day will help you maintain a productive state of mind.
  • Self-control: As you read this, please stand up. Now sit down. Which was easier? It is usually easier to sit down, just like it’s easier to jump on the negative bandwagon and go down to a negative place. It takes a lot of self-control to remain in a positive state of mind. Be sure you are in control of your thoughts, feelings, energy and attitude – don’t let others control you. It is your energy, positive or negative, that transmits and influences others, engages or disengages them, and builds up or tears down relationships. It is your self-control that allows you to make the choice to communicate productively or destructively.

Since selfies are “all about me,” the selfies outlined in this article, when implemented, will enhance your communication, strengthen relationships, and significantly impact your success, happiness, prosperity, and……yourself!